Coalition for Defense & Security in Malaysia
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A public private initiative from the Netherlands

The Netherlands is well known for its strong maritime heritage and has a leading position in the development of innovative technology in the Defense and security sector. Within this coalition, private parties, government bodies and knowledge institutions work together with our Malaysian partners to create integrated solutions.

Integrated Security Solutions

This cluster of public-private partnerships complement each other and contribute to the improvement of the Defense and security sector by offering services, products, expertise and training to the highest standards. As one company provides high-tech solutions, the other offers the necessary training.

Innovative Through Collaboration

Using an integrated approach, the cluster is seeking long-term collaborations with Malaysian companies and organisations to create successful and viable business opportunities. This cluster provides expertise and training for optimising business processes while improving local job opportunities and the regional economy.

The Netherlands Defense Approach

The 3D approach, also known as the Netherlands approach applies a coherent security policy using the following three strategies: Development, Diplomacy and Defense. This framework has been successful in international missions and Defense operations which the Netherlands has participated in. Development refers to governmental and nongovernmental (NGO) efforts to build the economic, social and political foundations required for stable communities and societies. Diplomacy refers to communication or negotiation between people to resolve shared problems and address conflicts through political and legal channels.

Innovative through colaboration


The Netherlands defence approach

Partners for International Business

The Coalition for Defense & Security in Malaysia is a public-private partnership and part of the programme ‘Partners for International Business’. The partnership includes the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, which is a government agency with access to a global network of embassies (such as the embassy in Malaysia), consulates and Netherlands Business Support Offices. Together with clusters of Dutch businesses and knowledge institutions, as represented here, the Dutch government is developing a three-year action plan for Malaysia. The coordination of this cluster is held by the NIDV.

Together with Malaysian counterparts, the Netherlands strives to be an open, inventive and inclusive partner in finding solutions to the various challenges in defense and security.


State-of-the-art  technology

State-of-the-art technology

This cluster includes industry leaders for smart technology for the Defense and security sector by developing tailor-made applications, such as wireless communication systems and sensor and radar technology.

Training at the highest international standards

Training at the highest international standards

Access to the latest knowledge and modern training facilities: through train-the-trainer programmes, consultancies and education institutions in the Netherlands provide tailor-made training programmes on location for coastguards and marines using tactical training techniques and serious gaming.

working together

Knowledge partners

Together with Malaysian partners, we want to integrate new solutions in Defense and security and share our expertise in solving tomorrow’s problems today.


Triple Helix

Triple helix approach

In the Netherlands, we seek cooperation between business, knowledge institutions and governments to develop integrated solutions that deliver practical results. We refer to this partnership as the ‘triple helix model’. We have found that this can be implemented in the local context, for example in Malaysia, while having a global impact at the same time.



Trade Missions and events

Clustercoordinator NIDV works both nationally and internationally on the visibility of the participants through joint market research. As part of this, it supports and Market research and a joint market approach. As part of this, it supports and facilitates in trade mission and international trade fairs.

Upcoming Trade Fairs and Events


November 17th, NEDS, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

This year the NEDS is back and bigger than ever. There is a lot of enthusiasm from our stand holders, visitors and NIDV staff. Registration for our visitors will open again in September and we hope to see you in Rotterdam on November 17th, 2022. Thales Netherlands will be acting as sponsor.

Thanks to the interest shown in previous years, the NEDS has grown enormously and the international character has also increased significantly, despite the difficulties caused by COVID-19.

The NIDV has therefore decided to book a second hall at Ahoy for the NEDS this year. This offers many opportunities, more space for our guests and more room for new stands.

If you are interested in using this new space and having a stand at the NEDS or attending as part of a foreign delegation, please register at or contact us at

Please be aware that we intend to hold an information session for our Exhibitors as well, before the NEDS starts. For more information on this, see our news post below.

Past Trade Fairs and Events:


November 19, NEDS, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

The NIDV Exhibition Defence and Security is the  largest event for Defence and Security related industries in the Netherlands and the Benelux. Upcoming The annual NIDV Symposium & Exhibition is being held this year on 19 November 2020 in AHOY Rotterdam and is a unique event for professionals that covers the entire field of security. The event also highlights the latest technological developments in that field. In addition to companies and knowledge institutes, the ministries involved, armed forces, Defence Materiel Organisation, Security Services, Security Region, Coast Guard and National Police Corps also have stands in the exhibition.

State secretary of Defense Barbara Visser at the NEDS trade fair
State secretary of Defense Barbara Visser at the NEDS trade fair.

Marine Trade Fair


March, Langkawi International Maritime & Aerospace Exhibition (LIMA) 

May, IMDEX Asia, Singapore 

November, NEDS, Rotterdam, the Netherlands


March, DSA, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The Defense Services Asia Exhibition and Conference (DSA 2020) will take place from 28 till 31 March in MITC, Kuala Lumpur. DSA is one of the leading Defence Services shows in the world and the organizers expect nearly 1500 companies from 60 countries /nations. he Netherlandswill be one of 33 countries that will have a country pavilion at the DSA.




Ministery of foreign affairs of the Netherlands


Fazilah Majeed is the liaison for this partnership.



Netherlands Industries voor Defense and Security

supports lasting positioning for the Netherlands Defense and Security-related industry (NL-DVI) in national/international governmental and non-governmental assignments and in national and international supply chains. 



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BeDamCo provides consulting services and staff for management and projects in the defense and security sector. Primarily BeDamCo aims its activities at navies and coastguards. Focal areas are operational training and its certification as well as logistic business process upgrades.

Van Dam

is a manufacturer of fire and blast-resistant products (in particular explosion-resistant doors and hatches for the Defense industry).

Heinen & Hopman

has grown into an international specialist in heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems for the maritime and offshore market. With over 50 years of experience, its reputation has helped it become the largest HVAC company for the Malaysian and Singapore market.

High Eye

The company is a manufacturer of unmanned helicopters for commercial and military applications. The industrial UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) are designed for long range missions in all weather environments.


The IP Company

is a leader in wireless communication and messaging systems (WCMS) on board naval ships. Its WCMS products offer a unique combination of modern smart technology and security. By integrating their systems to meet local needs, IP company can tailor its Wireless Communication and Messaging Systems to regional specifications.


Navtrain International is a Dutch maritime training and consultancy company providing services to maritime organisations such as navies and the coastguards. Navtrain holds several long-term contracts with the Netherlands MoD and Navy.


is an independent maritime research institute. It provides advanced hydrodynamic and nautical expertise to make vessels and constructions at sea cleaner, safer and smarter.

RH Marine

is a leading system integrator and innovator in the field of electrical and automation systems in the maritime sector. It provides made-to-measure solutions for complex Defense, Safety & Security vessels.


is an international manufacturer of electro-optic solutions. Photonis develops and produces innovative sensors which detect and amplify charged particles, radiation and extremely low light levels.


is an independent research organisation in the Netherlands that focuses on applied science. TNO puts its knowledge and technology to work for safety and security in the Defense sector.

ILIAS Solutions

ILIAS Solutions delivers a commercial off-the-shelf software suite to support military commanders in doing more with less.

Hull Vane

Hull Vane BV designs and builds partial hydrofoiling solutions for ships. These solutions include Hull Vane®, Dynamic Hull Vane® and Foil Assist. Hull Vane® is a patented hydrodynamic device to improve the performance and seakeeping of naval ships, such as patrol vessels, corvettes, frigates, unmanned surface vessels, mine countermeasure vessels and destroyers. On naval ships, Hull Vane® improves essential naval capabilities, such as speed, fuel-efficiency, visual signature and stability in waves. It suppresses the stern wave, making the ship less visible to aircraft, drones and wake-homing torpedoes. For newbuilds, it also reduces the power requirement to achieve top speed, reducing build costs. Find out how Hull Vane®, Dynamic Hull Vane® and Foil Assist improve naval capabilities such as top speed, range, silence and seakeeping while reducing lifecycle costs and environmental impact! 


Nedinsco is a high-end opto-mechatronics manufacturer. The company supplies the defence market with a complete range of products and services based on essential and unique mechanical, optical, electronic and software competences. In the defence world, Nedinsco is a leader in the supply of high-quality, state-of-the-art systems with military certification.

De Haas Maassluis

Shipyard De Haas Maassluis (DHM) specializes in the newbuild construction as well as complete maintenance, repairs and renovation (ILS) of patrol vessels, interceptors, USV’s, RHIB’s, pilot tenders, survey vessels, CTV’s, SAR vessels, and other specialised professional craft. Servicing many governmental and commercial clients a broad range of services is provided by highly skilled personnel.

With a new DHM Interceptor range, Fast assault craft, USV’s and other vessels De Haas Maassluis focusses on national and international Law Enforcement and Defence Programs.

By offering proven ILS solutions and services long term partnerships are created focusing on maximum operability and reliably at low cost. Life Cycle Costing analyses and improved sustainably with a focus on quality are standard at De Haas Maasluis B.V.







If you have any questions, please contact cluster coordinator Peter Huis in ‘t Veld.